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   Xinchang County Sinzeal Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd, founded in June, 2011. The company, with pressure vessel manufacture certificates of class I,II and III, is professional designer and manufacturer for pressure vessels and air purifier units. She created special and better manufacture process and circumstance during heat exchanger production, further to heat exchanger in fluoride chemical fields. The welding is in clean room.
   We trusts that “Each unit, we make, is representing our company” and insists on the target of “The best quality”. We perform the management principle of “Technology is the first and talent is the basic.” For making sure that the staff can realize their self-value, we provide personal development space widely.
 For meeting requirement of research & development and products design, we hired fully different kinds of workers and engineers. NDT unit is equipped with X-ray, ultrasonic, penetration and magnetic power. The unit is operated by professional engineers.
   For serving the market and quality guarantee, the company sets up higher efficient organization structure with departments such as sales, finance, production, purchasing, technical, quality control and logistics.
   We have fully pressure vessel manufacture equipment at 116 units including rolling machine (QTY: 3), welding machine (QTY: 42), cutting machine (QTY: 12), pressure testing device (QTY:4), NDT units (QTY:5) and cranes (QTY:14). The four of automatic welding machine with patent technology is equipped for reliable welding quality and higher efficiency. It is suitable to large diameter column production. At the same time, we have gas protection welding machine, argon arc welding machine, tube plate automatic welding machine and plasma cutting machine, which are good enough for carbon steel, stainless steel and low carbon alloy material production. Separately, there are warehouses for welding material, spare parts, X-ray testing, film checking, welding quality testing and files room with fully automatic office facilities such as computer, printer and copier.
   The company builds pressure vessel quality control system under requirement and help of pressure vessel authorities. In March of 2013, the company is granted A2 pressure vessel manufacture certificate with No. TS2210G74-2017. We will keep in mind to serve markets with quality first.